Saturday, October 10, 2015

Vintage Inspiration for Halloween!

It’s that time of year again, Halloween is just around the corner! While you may be too old to go door to door asking for candy, there is no age limit when it comes to having fun with some costumes! This week we’re showing some of our favorite vintage inspired Halloween costumes, and including some of our garments you can work into the look as well!
Wouldn’t be it be great if you could put on your favorite lingerie set from Secrets in Lace and just call that your costume? While wearing our designs you probably feel the most confident, but for the sake of keeping it classy in public, you can still show off that vintage flare in something like a Bettie Page Halloween costume instead. After all, how much closer can you get to being a boudoir beauty than mimicking the pin-up queen herself? To get the look you’ll need to master the iconic hair and make-up – if you’re not ready to commit to the bangs for good, you can always grab a wig at your closest costume shop. Pair a corset with shorts and stockings, and of course don’t forget the lipstick! Our Classic Overbust Corset would work perfectly with this!
The flapper costume is another popular one, and what better time to wear your favorite fishnets?! Slip into a dress with some fringe, add Mary-Jane heels, your fishnets, and a headband and you’ve got your look. Of course you can take it a step further with some gloves like our Black Lace Elbow Gloves, and an extra-long strand of pearls.

Or why not keep it classic and go as everyone’s favorite Hollywood starlet? The Marilyn Monroe look is one that’s not only fun to put together, but also pretty easy to do if you’re in a pinch for time. Finding a flared white dress shouldn’t be too hard at a costume store, vintage shop, or maybe you even have one in your own closet! Then make sure you get that Marilyn bob down perfectly, you can trying pinning your hair the night before and sleeping on it for the longest lasting shape. We recommend wearing one of our famous Bullet Bras paired with a garter underneath – after all, isn’t that what Marilyn would do to get that perfectly shaped bust? Don’t forget your lipstick and sassy attitude before you head out the door!
With options like these, you’ll want Halloween to last multiple nights so you can rock all your favorite looks to the extreme! Be sure to shop Secrets in Lace for all your vintage accessories, whether it’s Halloween, or just another day!
Vintage Inspiration for Halloween! | Stockings and Lingerie Blog | Secrets In Lace

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