Sunday, November 17, 2013

Another calendar girls - Esquire, 1948

Another calendar girls - Esquire, 1948: Pin Up and Cartoon Girls

Esquire, 1948 Pinup Calendar

January – Curtain Call, Ben-Hur Baz

Fritz Willis

February – RFD, Fritz Willis

Joe De Mers pin up girl

March – Objection, Joe De Mers

Al Moore

April – Bedtime Story, Al Moore

J. Frederick Smith

May – Predicament, J. Frederick Smith

Ben-Hur Baz

June – Meadow Lark, Ben-Hur Baz

Fritz Willis pinup calendar girl

July – Endorsed, Fritz Willis

Joe De Mers pin up

August – Maid to Measure, Joe De Mers

Ben-Hur Baz

September – Si, Si, Ben-Hur Baz

Fritz Willis calendar girl

October – Floral Offering, Fritz Willis

Ren Wicks calendar girl

November – Exposure, Ren Wicks

Joe De Mers pin up calendar

December – Sawdust to Stardust, Joe De Mers

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